Modernization work

In CIS countries there are thousands of lifts with expired service life and which are subject to replacement. Full replacement of lifts involves big financial and material expenses, as well as long downtime of lifts during modernization, which causes great inconvenience for dwellers.

To reduce the above-mentioned disadvantages the plant offers the delivery of a unit of equipment for modernization on the base of the lift LP-0463B (LP-0401B).

The modernization unit complies with requirements of Safety Regulations 10-558-03, edition 2003, and is made for installment without additional work of the constructional part of a building during modernization of lifts with load capacity of 320 kg and 350 kg and car movement speed of 0,71 m/c and 1,0 m/c. It is possible to modernize the lifts of the following manufacturing plants: Engineering Works of Nikopol (Ukraine), Plant "Strommashina" of Mogilev; Tower Cranes and Lifts Plant of Rzhev; Lifting Machinery Plant of Omsk; Lift Manufacturing Plant of Samarkand; Lift Manufacturing Plant of Mogilev; Karacharovskiy Engineering Works; Lift Manufacturing Plant of Shcherbinka.

While using the offered modernization unit the following elements
are kept:
- in the pit - pedestals with buffer springs; 
- in the shaft - guide rails for cars and counterweights with fixturing details; 
-weight of the counterweight; 
-shaft doorway.

The following elements are replaced: 
-car (supplied in disassembled big-module form, which excludes its additional disassembling before installment in the shaft); 
-beams of the shaft door, ready-assembled (to be installed on the doorway kept without additional work); 
-frame of the counterweight; 
-winch on the base of a new inclined reducer with centre-to-centre distance of 125 mm; 
-door wings on the ground floor (if ordered - on every floor); 
- the lift control system and wiring.

The advantages of the modernization unit are:
-the time of the lift downtime during the modernization period is reduced; 
-financial and material expenses are reduced; 
-the reliable, safe and long operation is provided, which is the determining factor as compared with replacement of separate units and parts offered by other plants; 
-the lift design and comfort both for lift passengers and for the people living in the residential building (noise and vibration are reduced) are improved.


The main distinctive features of the modernization unit on the base of lifts LP-0463B (LP-0401B) are:

1. The lift car is supplied to the place of installation in disassembled big-module form and consists of a compartment and a frame.

The compartment comprises: 
a) the upper beam with safety catches and a weighting device to control the car loading, as well as three-rope walking beam suspension, which excludes quick wear of grooves of the rope-driving pulley and the angle blocks of the winch due to the non-uniform slacking of the rope; 
b)the lower beam, on which the fixed floor of the car compartment rests, which enables to regulate the position of the compartment relative to the frame; 
c)bearing pillars of the car frame with minimum number of hardware fastening elements.

The car compartment is made in antivandal version and comprises: 
a)the fixed floor (supplied ready-assembled), lined with wear-resistant and noncombustible floor PVC coating; 
b)three-section module ceiling with luminescent illuminating lamps, covered with noncombustible polycarbonate sheet (the illumination of the car compartment is increased up to 100 lx, the permissible minimum illumination being 50 lx according to European Standard EN-81) and light-emitting diode emergency lamp, powered from an accumulator. The replacement of illuminating lamps of the car compartment is made inside the compartment; 
c)the walls of the car compartment consist of standard modules (lined with sound-absorbing material), intermodule and doorway pillars, and painted with high-strength powder epoxy-polyester paints; 
d)control panel (order post) is a complete module, in which the basic mounting of electrical equipment of the car is made, which makes the regulation and replacement of the electrical apparatuses inside the car convenient, and increases the safety during maintenance;

2.The reducer winch of the main drive is made on the base of a new inclined reducer with centre-to-centre distance of 125 mm with improved operating characteristics (there is no oil leakage, the winch noise is reduced by 6 dB as compared with those permissible according to the GOST, the oil volume of the reducer cooling does not exceed 3 liters (in RGL-160 - 7 liters), the winch weight is 115 kg less than that of the lift winch PP-0471). The winch is provided with a short-run brake with two feedback systems, which has increased the safety and reduced the noise during the operation of a brake gear.

3.The shaft door is provided with shaft door locks, which have the international marking CE (mean-time-between-failures is not less than one million cycles).<

4.The electric drive and automatic equipment of the lift are made on the base of the lift control microprocessor device of UL model according to Safety Regulations 10-558-03, version 2003, (including emergency lamp, forced rupture breakers and information transmission to the systems of dispatch control).

5.The mounting along the shaft is made with flat harness with copper stranded cable conductors instead of the harness with single aluminum conductors APV-2,5 in older lifts. Taps from the harness are made without cable conductor rupture with the cable splitters of "scotch-lock" type, which enables to exclude junction floor boxes with screw clamps, to increase the lift operation reliability and to reduce the time of installation work in the shaft.

The suspension cable of the lift car LP-0463B is laid directly into the machine room, which excludes the use of the middle floor box.