Cottage elevators

In 2006 our company has mastered production of a domestic elevator LP-0263B with car capacity of 225 kg and speed movement of 0,63 m/sec for an individual cottage without a machine room. It is designed for an installation in the buildings with a low traffic flow and limited area for a building part. Plenty of innovations used during the design of the elevator LP-0263B allow installing the equipment undertime, improving safety and reliability of the elevator operation, making better the car design and comfort both for the passengers and people who live in the building (reduced noise and vibration).

The main differences of the elevator LP-0263B from those produced nowadays by the producer factories in Russia and CIS are:

1. A considerable decrease of the building part dimensions due to the machine room absence; decrease of a retracted overall height of the upper floor up to 2,8 m; decrease of the pit depth up to 1, 255 m; application of the hauling cable the diameter of which is 8 mm and polyspast circuit of the car suspension bracket. A standard shaft of this elevator has the inner dimensions of 1,5 x1,5 m.

2. The winch location in the shaft pit.

3. The control station location on the landing ground inside the landing doors framing provides a fast and convenient access to the electrical equipment and its easy maintenance.

4. Application of the elevator control distributed system RSUL.

5. Application of the car weighing device with the cable strain sensor.

The car is delivered as a large- grain and a non-assembled one. It consists of a compartment and a frame. The frame includes a compact upper beam, a lower beam with the regressive safety gears; a lower beam with an angle pulley; the bearing posts of the frame.

The inner dimensions of the car compartment are 920 x 710 mm and the automatic doors doorway is 650 mm. The execution of the compartment is antivandal and it includes:

1. A fixed floor covered with a wearproof and incombustible coating "Translin TN-B". 

2. 3-section modular ceiling. Its central part with the luminous lamps is covered with a fireproof polycarbone sheet and has different variants of the patterns. Emergency light supplied from the accumulator mounted in this ceiling part. The side inclined ceiling sections have the built-in quartz-halogen lamps. The lamps replacement is carried out inside the compartment. 

3. The compartment walls consist of modules covered with a noise absorbing material, intermodule and bifurcated columns and painted with a high-test powder epoxy polyester paint. The modules, intermodule and bifurcated columns between themselves and the floor are fixed without the fasts which allows a car assembling in a shaft during some hours. 

4. The control panel is mounted on the rear wall, it is a complete module where the electrical equipment is installed (electric wiring is transferred from the ceiling), it lightens regulation and electrical equipment replacement inside the car and improve safety during the car maintenance. 

5. We suggest our customers in a base case the car with the powder paint; the ceiling central part with the pattern according to the pattern 4; there is a round chromium-plated hand-rail and the mirror up to the hand-rail on the car side wall. If you wish the compartment is executed with the stainless steal finish. 

The main drive geared winch is made on a new reducer base, with the center-to-center distance of 100 mm. The winch is completed with the short- stroke brake with 2 braking systems what allows improving safety and reducing noise during brake assembly operation. Single speed motor ATM132L-4K with capacity of 2,5 kW made in Slovakia is mounted on the winch. The motor works together with a frequency regulator and provides maximum comfort during the elevator operation, reduces greatly electric energy demand.

The landing doors are completed with the landing doors locks, which are marked with CE (error-free running time not less than one million cycles). The landing doors are supplied assembled and packed in one place.

The elevator control distributed system RSUL worked out by JSC "Mogilevliftmash" works provides the elevator units control, fulfillment of operation algorithm, indication, connection and elevator state control.

RSUL corresponds to EN81 (including a car emergency lighting, the switches of safety devices of compulsory breakup, possibility of organization of two-way communication between a passenger in the car and dispatcher and transfer of information about the elevator state in the control point).

Operation in-group of four elevators is provided.

Preservation of set parameters and error codes during loss of elevator power supply is provided. Application of logical buses between the component parts RSUL allowed reducing of cables quantity in the shaft thus reducing and hastening the installation, setting up and elevator maintenance.

Installation along the shaft is made by plain wisp with copper multi-stranded conductors. For the branches from plain wisp the connectors of "scotch-lock" type are used thus allowing exclusion of connector box, improvement of safety of elevator operation, reduction of installation time in the shaft.

If you wish it's possible to supply the elevators according to the individual shaft with inner dimensions.

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