Hydraulic platforms

Hydraulic platform PG-1000

  Hydraulic platform PG-1000 is designed for the transportation of cargo (unaccompanied men) at constructionБезымянный.jpg sites, in warehouses, commercial and other buildings from one level to another.
 The platform is powered by an AC with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 380 V. The lift can be operated in areas with temperate and cold climates, and is designed for installation in areas with seismicity up to 6 points inclusive, at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level.
  Installation is performed in the elevator shaft. It is possible to manufacture the platform as a non-through platform and a checkpoint. At the entrance door of the platform shafts can be located both on opposite sides, and on adjacent, as well as the variant of the lift design with access to the three parties.
The lift is not designed to work:
1. buildings and premises assigned to categories A and B on the explosion and fire hazard, and also in explosive and flammable areas according to the standards PEU-6 and PEU-7;
2. in an environment saturated with dust, corrosive vapors;
3. the conditions causing the appearance of drops, frost or icing equipment.
Limit values ​​of climatic environmental factors in the operation of the lift are:
- Air temperature from +1 degree in Celsium to +  40 degrees in Celsium;
- Upper value of relative humidity - 80% at + 25degrees in Celsium.

Advantages of hydraulic lifts:
- quiet operation;
- smooth running platform;
- high stopping accuracy;
- to set the guide is enough to lift one of the main wall of the building;
- workloads are not transmitted to the building structure, and perceived the foundation pit;
- low power consumption, because its consumption occurs only when the platform is lifted up;
- hydraulic unit and the control unit can be located without machine room at a distance of 15 m from the shaft (in a separate locker).

Main features and characteristics



Load capacity, kg, not more


Platform rated speed motion, m/s


Maximum lift height, m, not more


Number of stops

from 2 to 5

Pit, mm


Platforms variants



Platforms floor inner dimensions, m:

-        width (А)

-        depth (В)

0,85 – 2,0

0,85 – 2,5

Floorage, sqm

1,5 – 5,0*


Intermittent with A=25 %

Number of switches per 1 hour, not more


Platforms weight with multiplier and ropes (with maximum floor dimensions), kg, not more


Platforms weight (if its height is 12 m), kg, not more


Assigned life, years


* The minimum area is limited to the structural requirements of parameters A and B